13 - DeFi's Mainstream Wallet | Itamar Lesuisse

Itamar Lesuisse on 1 billion users & crypto’s Netscape moment
May 25, 2020

Inside the episode

Argent is the closet thing we've seen to a mainstream ready bankless wallet. Is this crypto's Netscape moment?

Ryan & David sit down with Itamar the co-founder of Argent to find out. Coming off a big week of releases, Itamar tells us how DeFi's almost reached parity with traditional finance, hasn't quite found product market fit in developed countries, but why he's incredibly bullish about the future.


  • The why:

    • Why Itamar's here

    • Argent's ethos

    • What makes Argent Bankless

    • The walled garden approach

  • The what:

    • Why typical wallets suck

    • Superpowers with DeFi

    • What's holding us back

    • What if Argent goes away?

    • Collecting an email address

    • Argent in Argentina

  • The when:

    • 1 billion users & Argent in 5 years

    • Finding the Netscape of crypto

    • Two things he wants from the Bankless community

How soon until 1 billion users? Listen and decide for yourself.

Before the episode begins we also talk about:

  • Why if feels like 2016 again
  • The BlockFi breach and "DeFi fixes this"


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