127- Is This the End? | Lyn Alden

Lyn Alden is the Founder of Lyn Alden investment strategy and is a leading expert in macro markets. She focuses on long-term debt cycles and how it’s impacting crypto, fiat, bonds, and equities markets.
Jul 9, 202201:40:36

Inside the episode

This is Lyn’s third appearance on Bankless. Each time she’s on, it usually means something is breaking in the macro markets. And something definitely is.

Lyn thoroughly explains everything from whether we’re repeating history to what would turn this recession into a depression to whether or not we’re going to be okay. Don’t worry, Lyn shares her advice on how to be exactly that and more.

Her superpower is to provide clarity during unclear times and this episode is no different.


0:00 Intro

6:12 Is this the End?

11:08 Debt Cycle Arc

15:40 The Dollar Milkshake Theory

20:05 Historial Analogs

30:35 How Do We Get Stable?

38:30 Weak Market Links

48:24 Raising Rates

55:03 Deflation & Softer Landings

1:00:19 Fed Meme & Competency

1:07:52 Recession vs. Depression

1:13:06 Markets to Watch

1:18:15 Are We Going to be Okay?

1:22:58 Energy, Food, & Fertilizer Markets

1:29:21 The New Normal

1:36:02 Mental Health

1:38:37 Closing & Disclaimers


Lyn Alden

The Death of the Dollar Dominance

Inflation in 2021  

Fed Meme

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