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121 - The Bear Market Gift | Vance Spencer

Vance Spencer of Framework Ventures returns to Bankless to walk us through a tremendous opportunity—the Crypto Bear Market of 2022.
Jun 6, 202201:52:32

Inside the episode

With a steadfast thesis and a sober approach, Vance is bullish on Layer 2 ecosystems and GameFi. And of course, all roads lead to Ethereum. Crypto is a “coiled spring on a path to hypergrowth.”

Bear Markets are where legends are born. How will you take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime?


0:00 Intro

5:00 Vance Returns

7:39 Where Crypto Needs to Be

16:44 Bull Market Lessons

21:38 Alt L1 Blockchains

26:40 The Layer 2 Rotation

32:13 The Future of ETH Killers

41:07 The Future of Layer 2’s

47:30 Optimism vs Arbitrum

49:35 The Ethereum Market

58:30 ETH is Money

1:02:18 Veblen Moneygoods

1:07:19 Who Buys ETH?

1:10:15 Bull Market Timelines

1:16:05 The Future of Tokens

1:21:30 DeFi’s Make or Break

1:28:25 Winners will emerge

1:32:15 The GameFi Rabbit Hole

1:37:18 Lessons from Axie

1:43:15 Metaverse Money

1:47:45 The Bear Market Gift

1:50:30 Closing & Disclaimers


Vance on Twitter:;t=z7tmj0LJ3O71UyWH9xlFqQ

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