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#10 - Going Bankless with Uniswap | Caleb Sheridan

Why permissonless liquidity changes everything
May 4, 202001:27:51

Inside the episode

Uniswap isn't a bank, isn't a company, isn't a website. It's a liquidity robot, an unstoppable trading layer for the bankless money system, the first of its kind. Ryan & David talk with Caleb Sheridan about using Uniswap for trade & profit, its ability to serve as a public good for the Ethereum economy, and the coming liquidity robot wars.


  • An explanation of Uniswap in 10 sentences

  • What you can do on Uniswap

    • Trading

    • Suppling liquidity (for profit!)

    • Listing assets

    • Bootrapping liquidity

    • Funding projects

  • Why Uniswap succeeded where others failed

  • If Uniswap is really unstoppable

  • In what ways Uniswap is a 10x improvement

  • The coming Liquidity Robot Wars

  • Uniswap as an price Oracle

  • The end game

This is our second of three episodes in the "King Money Protocols Series" where we talk through the three most important DeFi protocols. Stay tuned for the final episode!

Before the episode begins we also talk about:

  • The Coinbase Oracle
  • The UMA token sale on Uniswap


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