18 - COMP Growth Hacking DeFi

Talking about DeFi tokens, yield farming, and what's next
Jun 22, 202001:28:01

Inside the episode

A DeFi token called COMP gained over 900% last week. DeFi going parabolic. What in the world is going on? Are these DeFi tokens real? If they are, is this the start of the another 2017 style bull market?

How much can you money as a yield farmer?

We bring on Dan Elitzer a Venture Capitalist, writer, DeFi futurist, yield farmer and the absolute best person to tell us what's going on.


  • Why COMP went parabolic
  • Why DeFi tokens are real this time
  • The spark for the next bull run
  • DeFi tokens as rocket fuel
  • Why ETH is getting left behind (so far!)
  • The best yield farming opportunities
  • Superfluid yield farming
  • The downside of DeFi tokens
  • Where this is taking us next


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