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Your Crypto Safety Checkup
Published on Apr 18, 2024
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Binance Returning to India?
  1. 🇮🇳 Binance returning to India. Binance is preparing to restart ops in India after paying a  $2M fine and registering with a government agency, The India Times reports.
  2. 🥭 Trader guilty in $110M DeFi exploit. A jury found Avraham ‘Avi’ Eisenberg guilty of fraud charges related to the $110M Mango Market exploit.
  3. 🔒 Safe acquires Multis. The smart wallet company formerly known as Gnosis Safe has acquired ‘cross-chain account abstraction’ startup Multis for an undisclosed sum.
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The Bitcoin Halving's Degen Bets

📊 BTC Beta. The Bitcoin Halving is scheduled for Saturday, April 20, but HODLing BTC is far from an exciting activity for crypto degens! What plays can you make in advance of this event to get high-beta exposure to BTC and potentially capture enhanced upside (or downside)?

Prices as of 7pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.31T ↗ 2.7% ↘ 11.5%
BTC $63,613 ↗ 3.2% ↘ 9.3%
ETH $3,074 ↗ 2.3% ↘ 12.4%
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Your Crypto Bull Run Safety Checkup
Guest Author: Maika Isogawa

The pumping may have taken a break, but this bull market is far from over. With price action excitement comes increased activity and the very real possibility of making a mistake in all the madness.

Fear not! Safety tools have improved dramatically since the last cycle, and so has the industry’s understanding of attack vectors and vulnerabilities.

Here’s a rundown of what to pay attention to for an extra bump of security. Let’s dive in! 👇


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Tokens on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is changing, and the guy we're talking to today is one of the main reasons why.

Today’s episode is about exploring the frontier of tokens on Bitcoin with guest Casey Rodarmor. Casey is the creator of the Ordinals Protocol. He is now also the creator of Runes, a protocol working to bring fungible tokens to Bitcoin.

Why is Casey building these protocols? Let's dig in 👇

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What We're Doing

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