Worldcoin’s Sam Altman & Alex Blania on Crypto's Most Ambitious Project

David is joined by Worldcoin Co-Founders, Alex Blania and Sam Altman. Alex is Worldcoin’s CEO and Sam is CEO of OpenAI. Both Co-founded Worldcoin in 2020.
Jul 24, 202301:00:04

Inside the episode

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded on May 14th, 2023

Worldcoin is one of the most ambitious crypto projects in the space. It’s Worldcoin’s philosophy that the best way to produce unique verifiable humanness is through human biometrics that map to our unique DNA. This is the most robust way to achieve sybil resistance. That is why Worldcoin created its silver Orb that scans user's eyeballs.

Why scan the eye? Is it safe? How is data stored? What’s Worldcoin’s crypto token distribution plan? All of these questions and much more answered in the episode.


0:00 Intro

6:15 Inception of Worldcoin Idea

8:35 How Sam & Alex Met

10:57 Why Scan Eyes

16:35 The Technology Behind the Orb

21:40 Worldcoin & Privacy

25:05 How Worldcoin Data Flows

28:35 Why Worldcoin is Needed

33:02 Proof of Personhood & Crypto

35:05 Worldcoin’s Distribution Plan

36:49 Worldcoin’s Complexity & Pressure

39:25 Sam’s Involvement with Worldcoin

39:47 Worldcoin & Optimism

42:00 Orb Operations

48:10 Worldcoin Roadmap

49:25 The Ups & Downs of Worldcoin

53:10 Reflecting on Worldcoin’s Critiques

56:10 What Does Worldcoin Need the Most?

56:50 Where Sam Stands on AI Alignment

59:20 Closing & Disclosures


Worldcoin Privacy Deep Dive




Alex Blania


Sam Altman


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