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Why You Should Leave Your Country | Andrew Henderson

The pros and cons of a lifestyle you're probably unfamiliar with
Jul 10, 202401:28:24

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Is it a good idea to diversify your citizenship given the current global landscape?

We brought on Andrew Henderson, an entrepreneur, a global citizen to nearly a dozen countries around the world, and the founder Nomad Capitalist - a company that helps people maximize their freedom by getting multiple citizenships and passports.

Hear why considering a second or even a third citizenship might be beneficial, the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions, and what an exit tax entails. Andrew also shares why he renounced his US citizenship and provides insights into the costs and process of obtaining a second passport.


0:00 Intro

6:04 Where Is Andrew?

6:52 Andrew’s Citizenships?

8:26 Audience Overview

10:47 Andrew On Multiple Citizenship?

14:41 Option To Exit

21:17 Why Multiple Citizenship?

29:01 Is Multiple Citizenship Urgent?

35:20. What Is Exit Tax?

41:32 Regaining US Citizenship

46:20 Andrew’s Top 5 Citizenships

51:36 Dual Citizenship: Factors & Process

54:30 Who Is It For?

59:31 Lifestyle Trade-Offs

1:03:51 Crypto-Friendly Jurisdictions?

1:06:02 Digital Citizenships?

1:07:19 Is This Unpatriotic?

1:10:54 What If There’s No Option?

1:15:47 Is This Unfair?

0:23:30 Summary & Resources

1:27:21 Closing & Disclosure


Andrew Henderson

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