Why Crypto Needs Boys Club with Natasha & Deana | Layer Zero

The Boys, Natasha Hoskins, and Deana Burke, co-founders of Boys Club are back for their second appearance on Bankless and first in-person inaugural Bankless Studio interview!
Sep 29, 202201:04:26

Inside the episode

If you missed the first episode, Boys Club is a social DAO that is made up of women and non-binary individuals who are a perfect mixture of crypto-curious and fully crypto-pilled individuals.

If you haven’t checked out what Boys Club is building, you really should anon. The vibes are immaculate and they are a force to be reckoned with.


0:00 Intro

6:39 What is Boys Club?

11:00 Boys Club Evolution

15:05 Why People Join Boys Club

19:47 Nation Builders

22:12 Boys Club DAO

26:10 Infrastructure Template/Playbook

33:07 Building in Public & Authenticity

41:41 Will Boys Club Raise Capital?

44:50 Boys Club Roadmap

47:54 Boys Club Global

51:51 What Boys Club Needs the Most

55:58 Why Join & Why the Name?

58:10 Resources & Closing


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Deana on Twitter

1st Bankes Boys Club Interview

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