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What Solana is Building
Published on July 10, 2024
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Sponsor: Mantle — Mass adoption of decentralized & token-governed technologies.

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Goldman Eyes Tokenized Funds
  1. 🏆 Goldman Sachs Plans Tokenized Projects. The storied investment bank has plans for three different tokenized projects this year.
  2. 🧱 Block Inks BTC Mining Deal with Core Scientific. Jack Dorsey's Block is doubling down on mining hardware.
  3. 🪐 Starknet Eyes STRK Staking in 2024. If approved by the community, staking could go live in Q4 on mainnet.
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Stocks Beating Bitcoin

📸 Daily Market Snapshot: Crypto Twitter watched in vain as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit new all-time records Tuesday while BTC faced another day of slipping lower. BTC's correlation with public market gains is hitting multi-month lows as traders deal with long-feared Mt Gox supply overhang.

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.13T ↗0.2% ↘3.2%
BTC $57,465 ↘0.5% ↘3.8%
ETH $3,106 ↗1.3% ↘5.0%
MPL $11.64 ↘1.2% ↗0.8%

New Token Rating: Maple Finance (MPL) is fighting to defend $10, a price it has not traded below since November. How do we feel about this token’s prospects?
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What Solana is Building
Bankless Author: David C.

Solana has had a whirlwind year.

With most investor attention focused on the price action and memecoin markets catching fire on Solana, the most bullish development for the L1 has been just that – actual development.

In this article, we’ll dive into a series of different technologies being employed and developed to advance the chain, from a burgeoning L2 ecosystem to ZK compression to new validator clients, all of which could spell a bright, lasting future for Solana.

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Mantle kickstarts Season 1 of Methamorphosis. Building on the success of their Liquid Staking Token, mETH, Mantle LSP announces plans for a new Liquid Restaking Token, cmETH, along with a governance token, COOK. With Methamorphosis, participants can now farm Powder for future COOK tokens and position themselves early for upcoming cmETH release.

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Revoke Your Citizenship?

Is it a good idea to diversify your citizenship?

We brought on Andrew Henderson, a global citizen to nearly a dozen countries around the world and the founder of Nomad Capitalist – a company that helps people get multiple citizenships and passports.

Hear why considering a second or even a third citizenship might be beneficial, what the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions are, and what an exit tax entails. Andrew also shares why he renounced his U.S. citizenship and provides insights into the costs and process of obtaining a second passport.

Citizens get Ryan & David's exclusive Debrief on the interview 👇

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