Weekly Action Recap (Oct 20th)

Your action recap for the week of October 20th, 2019
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Oct 25, 20192 min read
Weekly Action Recap (Oct 20th)

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Recap for the week of October 20th, 2019


Bonus Content—AMA on Optimistic Rollups

AMA with Plasma Group. If this tech pans out it could obsolete a whole class of ETH killers. Question—can we just put a bunch of money protocols in an optimistic rollup and scale ETH today?

👉Read the AMA to find out!


  1. Execute any good market opportunities you saw in Market Monday
  2. Complete the weekly assignment: Setup MyDeFi app
  3. Evaluate protocols against the three types of risk before lending
  4. Consider: what are the strengths and weaknesses of Ethereum’s monetary policy?
  5. Bonus: Read the Optimistic Rollup AMA
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