Weekly Action Recap

Your action recap for the week of February 2nd, 2020
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Feb 8, 20202 min read

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Dear Crypto Natives,

BOOM! We hit $1 billion in DeFi this week.

Crypto launched in 2009. Four years later BTC hits a billion. Four after that Ethereum hits a billion. Four years later…DeFi hit 1 billion. This is a historical milestone.

Where were you when it happened?

You were right here. Going bankless. Leveling up.

When all this takes off you’ll have something better than the returns…the pleasure of knowing you were right when everyone else thought you were crazy.

And right now I’m 73% sure we’re not crazy.


📝 Friday Open Thread: what’s your favorite DeFi app?

  • Jordan shared DeFiSnap (I hadn’t tried it!)
  • Michael shared why Curve is 🔥(I think so too, but careful it’s new!)
  • DeFiDad loves PoolTogether (don’t well all?)

Still time to add yours. And check back next Friday 10am EST for a new open thread!

Recap for the week of February 2nd, 2020



  1. Execute any good market opportunities you saw in Market Monday
  2. Complete weekly assignment: convert some DAI to CHAI
  3. Get your crypto wallet ready and send a crypto invoice
  4. Consider: how is Uniswap Infrastructure? (onchain price oracle!)
  5. Calibrate: what’s the case for ETH sustaining its monetary premium?
  6. Collaborate: share your fave DeFi app!

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