Weekly Action Recap

The U.S. economy is printing money. The Ethereum economy is starting to burn it.
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Mar 13, 20212 min read
Weekly Action Recap

Dear Bankless Nation,

Biden officially passed another $1.9T COVID stimulus bill this week.

That’s another $1,400 for millions of Americans and trillions of dollars flooding the global economy. We’re not here to say whether it’s good or it’s bad, only that it’s happening.

The money printer is firing and there’s few signs it’ll stop anytime soon—this is an inevitable part of a late stage fiat debt cycle.

In the same week, EIP 1559 was accepted into London upgrade. Ethereum’s about to receive one of its biggest crypto economic upgrades this summer, translating to better transaction UX, more efficient fee markets, and of course, burning ETH.

Contrast this: the U.S. economy is printing money, the Ethereum economy is burning it. And which of these economies do you think will grow faster this decade?

Where would you rather hold your wealth?

And if all that’s not enough—NFTs made the front page again. Beeple just sold the third most valuable piece by any living artist. Ever.


Can next week top this week? We’ll see.

Here’s what’s lined up:

  • Podcast with the big brains behind 1confirmation (early access here)
  • William is going to share some tips on how to value NFTs
  • Lucas is covering Ren Protocol on Thursday (voted by Badge holders!)

Let’s get to the recap.


Recap for the week of March 8th, 2021


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  1. Execute any good market opportunities you saw in Market Monday
  2. Trade synthetic stocks on Ethereum
  3. Explore the Digital Culture Revolution (listen to it here)🔥
  4. Analyze how SUSHI could be worth $100
  5. Share whether or not your looking for a job in crypto

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  2. 📺 Watch SotN #37: Justin 3LAU | The Frontier of NFTs 🔥
  3. 📺 Watch Rollup: Beeple NFT | EIP 1559 | Stimulus Checks | GBTC
  4. 📺 Watch AMA with Devin Finzer | Co-Founder of OpenSea

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