Weekly Action Recap

Your action recap for the week of February 1st, 2021
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Feb 6, 20211 min read
Weekly Action Recap

Dear Bankless Nation,

Grayscale released a report this week on Valuing Ethereum.

They said ETH is valuable for three reasons:

  1. ETH is money
  2. ETH is a consumable asset
  3. ETH is an interest bearing asset.

They valued ETH as a triple point asset.

We published the triple point asset model well over a year ago. (Here’s the podcast) Now institutions are using it to understand ETH. No surprise there.

The mental model for ETH is becoming clear for people, and for institutions. We’ve preached this countless times but: the most bullish thing for ETH to is to be understood.

And people are starting to understand.

No wonder ETH price is on a moon mission. 🚀

Here’s what’s on the docket for next week:

  • Podcast with Vitalik on Monday (early access for members here)
  • We’ll teach you how you can long or short any asset
  • We explore the future of work

Let’s get to the recap.



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  1. Execute any good opportunities you saw in Market Monday
  2. Trade YFI perps on Perpetual Protocol
  3. Learn what’s new with Optimistic Ethereum and Synthetix
  4. Research Aave’s road to billions 🔥
  5. Review top signals for this market cycle


  1. 🎙️ Listen Jeremy Allaire | Crypto Dollars, Regulation, and DeFi
  2. 📺 Watch SotN #32: Does DeFi Fix This? | Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss 🔥
  3. 📺 Watch ROLLUP: ATH for ETH & DPI | Logan Paul NFTs | Hashmasks | Saylor
  4. 📺 Watch AMA with Yaniv Tal | Co-Founder at Graph Protocol

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