We just bought a $150 million tool for you

While CeFi is burning down, Bankless is doubling down on DeFi tools
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Dec 2, 20224 min read
We just bought a $150 million tool for you

We have some exciting news… Bankless just acquired Earnifi!

Earnifi is an opportunity finder—it shows you airdrops and unclaimed NFTs so that you never miss an opportunity in crypto. People have found over $150 million worth of claimable assets thanks to Earnifi. 🤯

I personally made over $10k this year using Earnifi.

We love the product so much, we acquired it!  And now, we want to bring it to you.

Get the 3 minute download on Earnifi 👇

What does this mean?

3 things:

1) Bankless is going beyond media. Now, we’re building tools for your DeFi journey.

2) Connecting your wallet to discover eligible airdrops has never been easier.

3) We’re working to improve Earnifi and bring it into your Bankless experience.

Seriously, try out Earnifi. Then read our plan. 👇

The next step in the Bankless journey

Three years ago I published the first post on Bankless with one simple goal: to help onboard a billion people to open finance over the next decade.

Education — that was goal #1. We set to work on this first through a newsletter, then by launching a podcast after some prodding from David.

Today there are over 250,000 people on the Bankless journey.

Last week, the podcast passed 30 million downloads.

The Bankless community is renowned both in and outside of crypto.

We have big plans to scale education in 2023 but the frontier requires more than just education… We need tools.

So we thought to ourselves… What if we got really good at building tools for the Bankless journey? 🤔

A robo onchain opportunity finder? The perfect place to start.

Every robot needs a purpose. I would know. 🤖

Everything good starts on Twitter

Earlier this year David was doing some wallet cleanup when he stumbled across this tool on Twitter called Earnifi.

Earnifi let him quickly check all of his Ethereum addresses, for all of the opportunities he had missed.

A few minutes later, he was finding airdrops on wallets he didn’t even know he had. 👀

$1,600 in UNI here.

$2,400 in ENS tokens there.

Who built this magic?

I slid into Earnifi’s DM’s to find out.

classic hey fam dm from RSA

Hello Dawson 👋

We met the Earnifi founder Dawson Botsford a week later.

Who’s Dawson?

A hacker.

The good kind. The type of DeFi coder that’s helping to build the bankless future we all want to see. Turns out, Dawson even has a podcast for fellow crypto builders. 🤯

Dawson is the last one on the right 👍

We talked. We talked some more.

Then we saw a picture of Dawson in the OG Wells Bankless tee. 🤯 😱

Idk if this guy’s running for office but I’d elect him

We talked even more.

Talks went well and Dawson decided to join David and I as the co-founder of a product studio to build out Earnifi and future Bankless tools. 🧪

Don’t miss 🏀

Crypto is pretty much all I do, but do you know how many onchain opportunities I’ve missed?

High 6 figures worth. At least. 😢

I can’t monitor everything. I can’t find the signal in the noise. No human can.

So we’re building a bot to do it for us. 🤖

That’s what Earnifi is. An onchain robot companion who scans data to surface the best opportunities for you.

Never miss an airdrop. Never miss an unlock. Never miss a mint.

Earnifi —the explorer robot for the frontier (image credit: LMorse)

What you see in Earnifi today is just the beginning. We’re building out the Earnifi robot to find more opportunities across more categories and every chain we can find.

We want to turn $150 million into $10 billion.

Sign up and join us. 🏴

We appreciate you and we hope you like this new tool.

This is just the start.

Keep leveling up.

- RSA (co-signed by David)


Does Earnifi cost anything?

Free version is free. Two addresses. Basic airdrops. I upgraded to Premium because the ROI was 100x for me. Just this week we got Across and Genie. No brainer imo.

Are Bankless and Earnifi Premium subscriptions combining?

You have to subscribe to Bankless and Earnifi separately for now. But we’re working on ways to combine perks. We’ve got a few more things to do first.

Is this safe?

Well, it’s not taking your private keys. This is Bankless fam. It does associate your ETH address with an email account but we’re securing this tightly. For an extra layer of protection you can use an anon email account.

Is Sam Bankman-Fried involved in this project?


What are you building next?

The world’s not ready. Sign up to find out. 🚀

Imagine what this cute little robot will see when you plug in your address…

“Last thing I need is a robot judging my onchain activity” Friend, maybe that’s exactly what you do need.
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