Was 2021 Just a Gigantic PONZI?

In this episode, we dive into David's conspiracy theories about unraveling ponzi schemes and the death of the bull market. Has David figured it all out?
Nov 23, 202201:50:56

Inside the episode

Is Genesis the next domino to fall in the 2022 Contagion? As one of the biggest lending desks in the industry, what does it mean for Genesis to be in danger?

Either way, it’s time to hit the reset button and look forward.


0:00 Intro

4:30 Barry Silbert in 2021

7:00 The Pyramid

11:30 Who Made the Money?

16:15 The Yield Game

23:00 The Players

27:00 Arbitrage

35:45 Deploying

41:00 The Macro Picture

45:00 Terra Luna Crater

48:30 The Blow-off Top

54:00 The GBTC ETF

58:00 3AC Liquidated

1:02:00 Saviors FTX and Genesis

1:05:30 FTX Threatened

1:09:50 Greyscale vs SEC

1:13:00 SBF Crumbles

1:20:00 SEC's Role

1:25:20 The Genesis Domino

1:32:00 Is this it?

1:36:00 2021 Was a Scam

1:40:00 Hitting the Reset Button

1:44:00 Comparing Bear Markets

1:47:00 Looking Forward

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Bull Market Pyramid

Who Made the Money?


Investing into AVAX



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