Voltz Protocol | ALPHA LEAK with Simon Jones

CEO & Co-founder Simon Jones joins this Alpha Leak to discuss the mechanics, roadmap, and token(?) for this exciting New DeFi primitive.
Jun 12, 202200:56:1144,858 views

Inside the episode

Voltz Protocol is “a novel defi primitive, powering leveraged interest rate swaps. The first ever synthetic interest rate swap AMM, Voltz AMM utilizes concentrated liquidity, creating a market that’s c.3000x more capital efficient.”

With close ties to Uniswap’s V3 model, Voltz aims to disrupt the interest rate swap market, which currently accounts for over $1 Quadrillion (four commas!)


0:00 Intro

6:00 Voltz Protocol

11:15 Interest Swap Markets

16:00 From Chaos to Order

18:45 Leveraged Interest

23:57 How Voltz Works

29:40 Voltz and Uniswap

34:30 Speedrunning Markets

39:22 Voltz Roadmap

43:04 The Magnitude of Yield

46:25 Liquidity Providing

50:08 Voltz Token?

52:07 Get Involved


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