Vance Spencer: The FAANG of DeFi (S.M.E.L.L)

The FAANG of Crypto? Introducing SMELL.
Aug 22, 202301:04:16

Inside the episode

On the show today, we’re bringing Vance on to talk about S M E L L. Not an odor, but instead 5 different assets. The FAANG of Crypto?


0:00 Intro

06:37 Takes on Friend.Tech

13:02 Good Or Bad For Crypto?

17:40 The SocialFi Narrative

20:17 S.M.E.L.L

23:23 Synthetix

27:55 Maker

35:34 Ether

41:26 Lido

47:10 ChainLink

50:48 Can They Outpace ETH?

56:35 Where's Uniswap

59:22 Solana?

1:01:29 Closing and Disclaimers



Vance Spencer

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