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TradFi Gets Tokenized
Published on Apr 26, 2024
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Sponsor: Celo — Celo is returning to Ethereum with OP Stack and celebrating four years of mainnet!

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More Tokenized Funds
  1. 🤑 Franklin Templeton’s tokenized fund. The massive asset manager has tokenized a $380 million treasuries fund on Polygon and Stellar.
  2. 🙈 Yuga layoffs. The embattled Bored Ape creator is restructuring with CEO Greg Solano going as far to say that Yuga Labs had “lost its way.”
  3. 🧡 Runes generated $135M in fees. In their first week, the new BTC fungible token protocol generated big numbers, but still some are calling the launch a dud.
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Trouble for Pendle?

📊 End of an Era? Holders of PENDLE woke up to find their bags down nearly 8% on the day. What caused the price to slide, and can the yield-splitting protocol continue to provide enhanced upside going forward?

Prices as of 2pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.36T ↘ 1.3% ↗ 0.9%
BTC $64,096 ↘ 0.7% ↘ 0.4%
ETH $3,152 ↘ 0.1% ↗ 2.4%
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Telegram's Chosen Chain
Bankless Author: David C

The-Open-Network blockchain, known as TON, has catapulted onto crypto’s main stage recently with some epic gains. What's going on with this thing?

Recently, TON has experienced tremendous growth from both a price and activity perspective, with its token increasing a casual 170+% in the past three months while also seeing its active monthly wallets simultaneously 6x.

Why are investors getting so jazzed on the opportunity? And is there more open road ahead? 👇


After Celo’s community unanimously voted to migrate the mobile-first, EVM-compatible L1 to an Ethereum L2 (#CEL2), core contributors cLabs spent months evaluating and testing leading tech stacks. On Celo mainnet’s 4-year anniversary, cLabs is excited to announce its proposal to leverage Optimism’s OP Stack.

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$3 Trillion by 2030?

The stablecoin market's adult in the room is joining us today. Circle founder Jeremy Allaire is here.

Fast forward to 2030, what’s the total value of stablecoins? What year is crypto in internet years? Why don’t we have a venmo for crypto yet? We've got lots of questions.

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This Week's Yield Opps

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