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Is THORChain (RUNE) Undervalued? with Erik Voorhees and Chad Barraford

What is THORChain? Join David as we explore the liquidity protocol that allows swapping between BTC, ETH, and more without intermediaries.
Nov 28, 202300:45:42

Inside the episode

Chad Barraford is a core developer at THORChain, and Erik Voorhees is a Bankless staple who has found a deep resonance with THORChain's mission.

Is THORChain helping build the Bankless future? Come find out.


0:00 Intro
3:30 What is Thorchain
7:10 Erik and Shapeshift
10:20 How it Works
13:40 Is this a Bridge?
17:00 Staking and Security
20:00 Rune
28:45 Bitcoin and Ethereum
32:20 Latency
36:00 The Bull Case for Thorchain
38:40 Specialization
40:40 The Roadmap and Community
44:00 Get Involved


Erik Voorhees:

Chad Barraford

THORChain Website

THORChain Twitter

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