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The Summer of Protocols Episode

An exploration of all things protocols
Apr 4, 202401:29:44

Inside the episode

Welcome Bankless Nation, to the Summer of Protocols!|

Summer of Protocols is an ongoing research and evangelism effort that aims to catalyze broad interest in the study of protocols as a first-class concept for thinking about the world.

To explain a little more about what Summer of Protocols is all about, we brought Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation and Venkat Rao of the Ribbonfarm blog on the podcast. Additionally, this episode contains three short interviews with three of the 35 total Summer of Protocols researchers. 

You’re going to experience something a little different here on the show today. Some more storytelling, a different kind of frontier exploration, but all around the idea of protocols. 


0:00 Summer of Protocols Explained

12:05 Sarah Friend 

37:16 Timber Schroff 

1:01:52 Nahee Kim 

1:18:44 Summer of Protocols Future 

1:28:59 Closing 

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