The State of EigenLayer with Sreeram Kannan | ETHDenver 2023 Interview #6

In this episode, we’re talking to Sreeram Kannan of EigenLayer, a platform to leverage Ethereum security through the innovative method of restaking. Sreeram and David chat about EigenLayer’s evolution, wen mainnet(?!), what the EigenLayer competition looks like, and much more!
Mar 9, 202300:00:0093,528 views

Inside the episode

Sometimes, the frontier is at a crypto conference. One of the most prestige being, ETHDenver! We’re back with a handful of exclusive interviews with some of the most fascinating minds in crypto.

Wish you could make it to all the crypto conferences, but don't have the time? Don't worry, Bankless brings the frontier to you.


0:00 Intro

3:10 EigenLayer’s Evolution

3:51 Wen Mainnet?

4:56 What to Build on EigenLayer

6:27 Supporting the Builders

7:13 EigenLayer Competitors

8:10 EigenLayer Mod Analogy

10:33 The EigenLayer Chain Spectrum

14:21 Good Technical EigenLayer Questions

18:02 Action Items, Jobs, & Closing


Sreeram Kannan




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