34 - The Ownership Economy | Jesse Walden

Variant Fund's Jesse Walden on how DeFi will change the future of ownership
Oct 12, 2020

Inside the episode

Jesse Walden speaks about 'the ownership economy', in which value is returned to the producers via a protocol by compensation codified in its core.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter are now extracting more than they are providing.

Can Ethereum and DeFi solve this? How can Ethereum host an internet-sized cooperative, like REI? How can token ownership create a larger tent, that can scale organizations past previous limits?

We also discuss Jesse's 3 theories for how crypto will be adopted, and which one he believes will come first:

  • The people come, Bank the Unbanked!
  • The institutions come, WallStreet wants part of the global casino
  • The economy comes, non-financial apps create a β€œreal economy"


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