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The New DeFi Meta with Paradigm’s Head of Research, Dan Robinson

A deep dive on how DeFi is changing
Aug 3, 202301:10:55

Inside the episode

Dan Robinson is GP and Head of Research at Paradigm. He, over the years, has done a lot of deep thinking about markets, auctions, and liquidity in DeFi, with a particular focus on Uniswap and Uniswap V3. Recently, Uniswap Labs released UniswapX, a new dutch auction mechanism, that Dan thinks changes the meta for swapping assets in DeFi, MEV, chain interoperability, and much more.

The last time Dan was on Bankless was September 2020…almost 3 years ago! If you have ever heard Ryan or I say the phrase “Ethereum is a dark forest” came from that episode.


0:00 Intro

6:00 Why UniswapX is Needed

11:09 What’s New About UniswapX?

14:00 Intents

16:25 The Magic Behind MEV Reduction

20:00 Order Flow Auctions

26:25 It’s Still Early

33:05 Who Are the Nanobots?

37:42 How Rollups Will Change

42:22 How Bridges Will Change

49:55 UniswapX Complements Uniswap v4

53:30 What Uniswap v4 Do for LPs?

59:15 LPing with Uniswap v4 vs. v3

1:04:11 Uniswap’s App Layer & Yields

1:06:05 Why Be Excited About Suave

1:09:55 Closing & Disclaimers  


Dan Robinson

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