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The $JUP Airdrop with Jupiter founder Meow

$JUP has landed, at a shattering $7b valuation. 
Feb 2, 202401:19:12

Inside the episode

$JUP has landed, at a shattering $7b valuation. 

How did it get to $7B? 
Where did it come from? 
What does the future have in store for Jupiter? 

How will the decentralization of Jupiter begin? 

All these questions, and more, with the founder of Jupiter. 


00:00:00 Episode Overview

00:04:29 Intro To Meow

00:10:10 Liquidity On Jupiter

00:15:10 Leveraging Solana

00:19:29 Inspiration For Jupiter

00:25:31 Eligible Airdrop Addresses

00:32:16 What Are People Trading?

00:39:29 Jupiter Launchpad

00:44:11 $JUP Token Launch

00:51:40 Bigger Than Uniswap?

00:56:45 50:30 Launchpad Dynamics

01:06:20 Solana Uptime

01:09:28 Future Roadmap

01:14:38 Hiring

01:17:26 Meow Origin Story


Meow on X: 


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