The Future of Bitcoin with Nic Carter, Eric Wall, & Udi Wertheimer

We bring on the brightest minds and trolliest personalities in Bitcoin to discuss Taproot
May 24, 202301:10:30

Inside the episode

Taproot was the trojan horse that opened the door to a new wave of Bitcoin innovation and culture. At the forefront of this culture are Udi, Eric, and Nic, the taproot wizards causing a shift in the world of Bitcoin.


0:00 Intro

6:19 Introducing the Taproot Wizards

12:00 Rejected From Bitcoin Conferences

17:17 Meme and Culture Layer of Bitcoin

23:55 Taproot Was a Trojan Horse

30:28 Are Ordinals Good For Bitcoin Bags?

35:11 How Ordinals Have Changed Public Perception

41:27 A Bitcoin Civil War

47:14 "We Broke Bitcoin"

53:42 Addressing Bitcoin Media

1:04:15 Are David and Ryan Bitcoiners?

1:05:27 Closing and Disclaimers


Nic Carter

Eric Wall

Udi Wertheimer

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