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The Current State of the NFT Market with Garyvee

The one & only Gary Vee comes back to Bankless to answer the question: should we be more bullish?
Oct 5, 202200:48:50

Inside the episode

Garyvee joins us to discuss what the current state of NFTs is, what's he been up to since his 1st Bankless appearance, and huge news coming out of Gary's project, VeeFriends!


0:00 Intro

4:18 What Gary's Been Up To?

14:00 What Makes an NFT Work

17:07 Surviving the Bear Market

20:27 All-in On NFTs

21:35 Speculation

23:00 Bigger Companies Entering

28:17 Huge VeeFriends Announcement

33:04 VeeFriends Community

34:15 NFT Project Advice

36:40 What Still Needs to be Built Out?

40:08 Being Quiet

44:40 Building Mode

45:55 Crypto Currencies

47:20 Closing & Disclaimers




Gary's 1st Bankless Appearance

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