The Centralized Food Production Crisis | Anthony Gustin

Anthony Gustin is the host of The Natural State Podcast, author of the best-selling, “Keto Answers,” and former sports rehab clinician turned entrepreneur, amateur farmer, investor, and advisor.
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Inside the episode

You might be noticing that Anthony isn’t a crypto bro. However, as David explains in many Bankless episodes, crypto principles can be seen in many other industries as well—including the food industry.


0:00 Intro

7:35 Anthony’s Background

11:35 Centralized Food Production

14:08 Divergent Food Products

20:29 Fake Food Ingredients

22:30 Government Lobbying  

25:40 Corn Subsidization

28:07 Remaining Problems

31:20 Disconnection to Food

36:11 Fragility Monocrop Culture

42:40 Systems Breaking Down

48:26 What Anthony’s Excited About

51:07 The Path Forward

1:05:00 Regeneration, Carbon, & Methane

1:20:19 Sustainable Scaling Solutions

1:28:43 Advice For You

1:32:18 Sunburn & Seed Oils

1:36:08 More Advice

1:38:58 Anthony’s Question to David

1:42:36 Closing


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