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28 - The Bull Case for DeFi | Vance Spencer

Chatting with the co-founder of Framework ventures on DeFi cryptocurrency coins, composable communities, crypto native investing, and some future price predictions!
Aug 31, 202001:50:27

Inside the episode

Vance Spencer of Framework was buying DeFi tokens when they were deeply unpopular. Deep conviction on DeFi, but he and his co-founder made bets on communities. He was contrarian yes...but contrarian right.

Ask him his strategy and he'll simply tell you..."I look at memes all day." But there's hidden brilliance in that phase. Listen as he describes how he invests in the crypto native founders, how he buys culturally composable communities, how the best things start very small. Follow the memes, follow the community.

His fund bought SNX when no one believed. They bought LINK when it was worth 18 cents.

How? Why? What's he buying now?

We end with some FIRE predictions on final market caps for this bull run.


  • Are we in a bull market?
  • The DeFi Bull Case
  • Crypto Native Investing Fund
  • Composable communities
  • Contrarian bets in the bear market
  • Where did the LINK marines come from?
  • Populism is real in crypto
  • REGULATORS are friends?
  • Turning Communities into Protocols
  • Farming Token Premium
  • Things Vance is buying
  • Price Predictions!!! 🔥


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