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Stay up-to-date on crypto and NFTs with these awesome news aggregators!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Sep 21, 20212 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

How do you stay on top of the gazillion things happening around NFTs at any given time?

I get a variation of that question a lot. The easy answer is no single person can stay on top of everything. We’ve gone from village mode to metropolis mode over the past couple of years, and big things seemingly happen 24/7 now!

That said, the key to trying the best you can to stay on top of things is plugging in to the people who are most plugged in: news aggregators. By news aggregators, I mean the folks who constantly scan the ecosystem for interesting happenings and then share the news and insights with the rest of us on social media.

Following the best ones is huge shortcut to catching up everyday, so here are some aggregators I personally rely on and can recommend 🗣️


🤯 Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, oh my!

NFTs don’t exist in isolation, right. Keeping up with the pulse of the NFT ecosystem requires keeping up with related and interconnected developments first and foremost around Ethereum, DeFi, DAOs, etc.

As such, my recommended news aggregators run the gamut in their crypto coverage. Some may focus mainly on Ethereum, others on NFTs, but if you follow them all, the aggregate effect will be having a news diet fit for someone looking to stay current with NFTs.

Also, a friendly reminder that this is just a selected list, not a comprehensive one — I can barely keep up with all the news aggregators myself these days! 😄

💬 Breaking the news

📣 Ethereum

  • antiprosynthesis — Best Ethereum news aggregator around; they also routinely touch on DeFi subjects.
  • MyCrypto — Ethereum wallet manager whose Twitter account is one great avenue for staying informed on big happenings all around Ethereum.

📣 DAOs + Web3

  • Coopahtroopa — Creator Economy and DAO maestro, constant source of Web3 insights.
  • Li Jin — Another great follow when it comes to all things Creator Economy and Web3.

📣 DeFi

📣 NFTs

  • DeeZe — Fractional’s “director of vibes” whose Twitter Spaces have become metaversal parlors filled with insights and news.
  • Jackson Dame — Rainbow content creator and community manager, great for tips on new projects.
  • Matty — A season NFT veteran who often shares high-level insights.
  • Today in NFTs — This account cover’s each day’s biggest NFT events in bite-sized fashion.
  • Zeneca_33 — Provider of “Daily Floor Stats Updates” on Twitter and NFT analyses.

📣 L2s + scaling

  • polynya — Understands the current Ethereum scaling scene extremely well and commonly shares news and perspectives on it.

📣 Miscellaneous

  • Mirror Latest — Twitter bot that posts the newest articles published on Mirror, a decentralized media protocol that’s becoming fertile ground for cryptoeconomy analyses.

Action step

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  • ❓ Who are your favorite news aggregators? Who’d I miss? Share them in the comments below so we can all track them!

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