ROLLUP: BTC ETF Race Heats Up, zkSync drops the ZK Stack, OP going ZK?

Bankless Weekly Rollup 4th Week of June 2023
Jun 30, 202301:21:49

Inside the episode

Bankless Weekly Rollup
4th Week of June 2023

Timestamps & Resources

0:00 Intro


7:03 Bitcoin All Time High 

12:54 The ETH Flippening is here! 

17:18 zkSync Release The ZK Stack 

23:35 Optimism Going ZK?  

28:01 Bitcoin ETF This Year? 

36:02 Zuzalu! 

41:15 Airdrop Season With Diva DAO

43:32 Azuki Drama 

48:02 Microstrategy Buys More BTC 

51:12 Hong Kong Enters The Chat 

53:26 Binance Claps Back 

56:21 BlockFi Liquidation 

58:24 Bankless Exclusive Perks 

59:34 ETH CC Meetup 

1:02:41 Questions From The Nation 

1:08:48 Takes Of The Week 

1:11:49 Ryans Stays At Davids Place 

1:16:14 What Are We Bullish On? 

1:20:27 Meme Of The Week 

1:21:09 Risks And Disclaimers

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