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ROLLUP: Solana ETF? | $Blast L2 Launch | Solana's Blink & ZK Compression | ETH ETF Next Week?

Bankless Friday Weekly Rollup Last Week of June 2024
Jun 28, 202401:06:24

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We’re on the edge of our seats with the potential Ethereum ETF launch just days away. Are ETH ETF products finally going to be tradeable next week?

Solana is also in the spotlight, hinting at its own ETF while rolling out impressive innovations like ZK Compression and Blinks.

The Blast token has also finally dropped! Are you eligible? We unpack everything you need to know.

Plus, Ethereum’s new execution client might unlock a hidden beast. And we cover everything happening price with prices. Are we in a crypto bull or bear? Tune in to fine out.


0:00 Intro

3:19 Markets

3:53 Mt.Gox is ready to distribute the bitcoin

9:07 Germany is about to start selling the seized bitcoin

9:30 Meanwhile, the U.S. government sent $240M of BTC to Coinbase

11:09 ETH Tailwinds

15:31 L2 Update

17:33 Bitcoin flows

18:21 All spot ETH ETF S-1 amendments are now in!

21:20 Cooked Airdrops

27:41 Is Solana getting an ETF?

32:10 Solana’s Blinks + ZK Compression

39:20 Blast launched their airdrop

45:44 Ethereum execution client Reth was launched!

48:52 MiCA is about to enforce strict rules for stablecoins

52:15 Gary Continues Taking Ls

56:39 Winklevoss twins donated $2M in BTC to Trump’s campaign

59:10 Raises and BVC Investments

1:01:47 Voting on Bankless Nation podcast suggestions starts today!

1:03:34 July schedule…

1:04:58 Meme of the Week

1:05:43 Closing & Disclosures

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