ROLLUP: ETFs Back? | Robinhood Acquires Bitstamp | Biden SAB-121 Veto

Friday Weekly Rollup 1st Week of June 2024
Jun 7, 202401:12:51

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(00:00) Crypto News & Market Updates

Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, price movements, bullish predictions, political implications, layer twos, Robinhood's acquisition, and profitability.

(08:25) Cryptocurrency Market Trends and Rate Cuts

Eigenlayer's TVL growth, EtherFi and Pendle surpassing Uniswap, potential Uniswap resurgence, and Binance's BNB reaching all-time highs.

(15:08) Rate Cuts, Stocks, and ETFs

Central banks cutting rates, Vance Spencer's prediction of a rate cut cycle, NVIDIA's rise in value, Roaring Kitty's GameStop investment, and demand for Ethereum ETFs.

(25:06) Ethereum ETF Approval Analysis

Ethereum's price stagnation after ETF announcement, Solana's popularity, timeline and impact of ETF approval, and competitive landscape among issuers.

(29:05) Ethereum Price Predictions and Analyses

Crypto markets lack disclosures, exchanges are unregulated, and there is tension between traditional finance and crypto-native perspectives.

(41:49) Crypto Politics and Market Trends

Democrats' shifting stances on crypto, Stand With Crypto advocacy group, meme coin trading, Starkware's expansion, and Coinbase's mass adoption wallet.

(45:08) Robinhood Acquires Bitstamp

Robinhood acquires Bitstamp to enhance crypto program and expand globally amidst SEC lawsuits and meme coin popularity.

(54:12) Crypto Updates and Speculations

Coinbase's new feature, Starkware's ZK rollups for Bitcoin and Ethereum, CryptoPunk prices, and BlackRock and Citadel's rival stock exchange in Texas.

(01:03:52) Meme of the Week & ETH ETFs

Reflecting on the timeline, we anticipate ETH ETFs to start trading in early July, as we explore the risky yet exciting crypto frontier.

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