Resilient DeFi with Kirk Hutchison | Layer Zero

Kirk Hutchison is the Co-Founder of Volt Protocol, an inflation hedged stablecoin built on Ethereum. Kirk is widely known as the gigabrain’s gigabrain when it comes to all things DeFi.
Jun 28, 202201:22:08

Inside the episode

As inflation continues to rise, Kirk couldn’t have joined at a better time. However, Kirk and David dive into much more than inflation. In this episode, Kirk explains symmetric money systems, self-referential feedback mechanisms, the problems with DeFi today, what Volt is and its future, and so much more.


0:00 Intro

4:45 What Kirk Thinks About

8:36 Decentral Bank Terms Explained

13:45 What is a PSM?

18:16 The Bankless Thesis

21:20 Fully Symmetric Money System

28:05 Why is Fixed Rate a Problem?

32:12 Self-Referential Feedback Mechanisms

40:45 The Problems with DeFi Today

47:40 DeFi Utopia vs. Dystopia

1:00:55 What is Volt & Its Future?

1:09:25 Governance Token Design

1:13:35 8% Yield to Combat Inflation in DeFi

1:19:20 Closing  



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