Rep Patrick McHenry on Crypto's Big Week in DC

It's gonna be a big week
May 21, 202400:45:31

Inside the episode

This is a huge week for crypto in DC and we have on Congressman Patrick McHenry to tell us all about it.

Three big things:
1) SAB 121 repeal bill going to Biden’s desk - will he let it pass or veto?
2) SEC approve/deny Ethereum ETF - decision due thursday.
3) House vote on FIT bill you’ve been championing - well talk about that bill.

Stand with Crypto:


00:00 Start
04:05 Introduction to Congressman McHenry
05:11 Crypto in DC Temp Check
07:34 Generational vs Partisan Divide
12:57 Has Biden's Crypto Sentinent Changed?
16:46 FIT 21 Act
20:10 Security vs Commodity
23:18 Startups Becoming Commodities
26:34 Why Should Congress Support?
29:22 Why Patrick Cares About Crypto
33:25 Stablecoin Legislation
35:37 Will Crypto Still Be Under Attack?
38:24 Trump vs Biden Crypto Policies
40:41 How To Get Involved


Patrick on X:

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