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News Flips Ethereum's Daily Network Revenue

The memecoin launcher is racking up the transaction fees.
David C David C Jul 2, 20241 min read
0 Flips Ethereum's Daily Network Revenue

Solana-based memecoin launchpad reached $1.99M revenue in the past 24 hours amid a surge in celebrity coin speculation, surpassing the Ethereum network's respective daily revenue of $1.91M.

What's the scoop?

  • Token Deployment: On Monday, 11.5K tokens were deployed on, bringing the total to 1.2M tokens, based on @cashack's Dune Analytics board.
  • Cumulative Revenue:'s cumulative revenue stands at 346.6K SOL, or $51.3M.
  • Platform Popularity: The platform's ease of use and Solana’s low transaction fees have driven its popularity, leading to a surge in themed token creation.

Bankless Take:

While can be polarizing, its revenue and continued activity make the platform’s influence undeniable. Speculation seems to be one of crypto’s killer use cases, whether we like it or not, and Solana's low fees and fast transactions make a perfect environment for it.

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