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PleasrDAO Releases Secret Wu-Tang Album | Leighton Cusack & Matt Metkov

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Jun 27, 202400:44:29

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David is joined by Leighton Cusack and Matt Metkov, two members of PleasrDAO, the organization that owns and is releasing the Wu-Tang Album. 

The Wu-Tang Clan created a unique album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” to combat music’s devaluation in the digital age. It was bought by Martin Shkreli in 2015, who later lost it due to a fraud conviction. In 2021, PleasrDAO, a crypto collective, purchased the album to restore its value and make it accessible to the public, promoting fairer digital ownership in the Web3 era.

Hear how you can own the most exclusive music album and help support the movement. 


0:00 Intro

9:09 What’s Special About This Album?

11:13 One-Off Event Or New Path For Artists?

14:24 Music Scenario: 2014 VS Now?

17:41 Music Renting vs. Collecting/Ownership 

22:25 How To Own The Album?

26:47 Rights & Collaboration 

28:07 Rethinking Music Distribution 

31:02 Magnitude Of Album Release

32:47 Why Crypto People Should Care?

34:56 David On The Album Songs

38:05 Where To Own The Album?

40:16 Sales & Record-Breaking Week

43:48 Closing & Disclosure 


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