Playing Fantasy on Blast

An intro to playing Fantasy, the social card game taking off on Blast
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster May 9, 20243 min read
Playing Fantasy on Blast

What do you get when you cross Crypto Twitter (CT) with NFTs, fantasy sports, and Blast farming season?

Fantasy is a social trading card game (TCG) on the Blast L2 centered around collecting, trading, and competing with digital cards representing the most popular CT influencers. 

It’s become a sensation fast, too, as the game has already racked up nearly 30k users and +9,000 ETH worth of trading volume since its May 1st, 2024 launch. 

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The big idea? Join tournaments with 5-card decks, with Twitter engagement metrics determining the final winner. 

Banger posts from “Hero” accounts on Twitter translate to more points for holders of that influencer on Fantasy. 


Cards can be purchased in VRGDA auctions, which rise and fall with demand, or on Fantasy’s native secondary marketplace, where players can list and buy Heroes to manage and improve their decks. 

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Heroes cards come in four different rarities—Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary—with each tier granting 1x, 1.5x, 2x, and 2.5x score multipliers respectively. 

Additionally, every Hero has a unique score and rank based on their engagement over the past week, and you can burn 5 of a kind if you want to increase a card’s tier for better scores. 


With at least 5 cards in hand, you’ll be ready to enter tournaments, with the first two already having distributed over $4M worth of prize money to Heroes and players. 

Tournaments are conducted across 5 possible leagues, and the first batch of players just progressed to the Silver League, paving the way for them to earn higher rewards. 

This brings us ‘round to the question of why the game has taken off so fast, to which I think there are a handful of reasons:

  • Farming for Blast Points and Blast GOLD is in full swing, so people are hungry for trying new Blast apps
  • CT degens love gaming and gambling, and this is a gamified avenue to gamble on each other, which has created a layer of social intrigue
  • Heroes receive game revenue payouts in ETH, Blast GOLD, and FAN points, offering a novel monetization avenue for something they would already be doing anyways, i.e. posting on Twitter
  • More than a few early players have already made considerable gains, both via flipping cards and tournament rewards, and players can also use their Heroes NFTs to enter win Blast Jackpot prizes

Taken altogether, these factors suggest Fantasy has plenty of room to run for the foreseeable future as more people flock to the buzz and possibilities here. 

That said, going forward it’ll be key for the platform to lock down its anti-botting strategy to keep tournaments fair and to continue rolling out new advances to polish up the player experience. If it can achieve these pillars, Fantasy’s near-term prospects will continue looking good. 

If you’re keen to try the game, sign up with your Twitter account on to receive an embedded Privy wallet that you can deposit into (or export into MetaMask, etc., for entering your cards for Blast Jackpots). To move ETH in, I recommend Relay by Reservoir for quick transfers to Blast.

All in all, Fantasy certainly won’t be for everyone, but if you’re looking to dive into the Blast NFT scene and potentially reap rewards, it's a top contender to check out right now. My suggestion? Analyze available Heroes, buy cheap floor cards, and try steadily grinding up to better scores!

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