Part 2: Brian Armstrong, Erik Voorhees, & Ryan Selkis on Binance’s Acquisition of FTX

In Part 2, Ryan and David are joined by Brian Armstrong, Erik Voorhees, & Ryan Selkis to discuss what transpired today, how it’ll impact our industry, and what it means moving forward.
Nov 8, 202202:15:05

Inside the episode

In case you missed it, we’ve already released Part 1 where Ryan and David recap everything that happened leading up to today, what’s unfolded thus far, what happens next, and what it means for the crypto space writ large.


0:00 Intro

6:40 Key Players

11:33 SBF

SBF and his lobbying work on DCCPA

SBV vs Voorhees public debate

12:45 Binance

14:30 Asset Clarifications

16:25 The Timeline

1:15:50 Ryan Selkis

1:23:23 Takes & Prices

1:32:10 Erik Voorhees

1:51:00 Brian Armstrong

2:09:30 New CZ

2:11:55 Ultra Sound Money

2:14:00 Closing & Disclaimers

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