Part 1: Recap & Analysis on Binance Acquires FTX | CZ vs SBF

On Part 1 of this two-part series, Ryan and David recap everything that happened leading up to today, what’s unfolded thus far, what happens next, and what it means for the crypto space writ large.
Nov 8, 202202:15:05

Inside the episode

On Part 2, Ryan and David are joined by Brian Armstrong, Erik Voorhees, & Ryan Selkis.

Part 2 is out now! Check your feed.


0:00 Intro

6:40 Key Players

11:33 SBF

SBF and his lobbying work on DCCPA

SBV vs Voorhees public debate

12:45 Binance

14:30 Asset Clarifications

16:25 The Timeline

1:15:50 Ryan Selkis

1:23:23 Takes & Prices

1:32:10 Erik Voorhees

1:51:00 Brian Armstrong

2:09:30 New CZ

2:11:55 Ultra Sound Money

2:14:00 Closing & Disclaimers

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