Our conversation with Vitalik

The merge, AI, and what's next…
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Sep 23, 20221 min read
Our conversation with Vitalik

Yesterday, we recorded our first post-Merge conversation with Vitalik - the creator of Ethereum and the person we have to credit most for getting us to the merge.

We can not wait for you to hear it.

We covered a lot of ground, including:

  • Vitalik’s behind-the-scenes perspective on the merge
  • What’s next for the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Artificial intelligence and how it will interact with crypto
  • And so much more

Part I of the conversation will become available to all Bankless readers on Monday.

However, as a special thank you, we’re giving our Bankless Premium members early access to the entire interview starting today.

Sign up for Bankless Premium to get immediate access to the discussion with Vitalik, in addition to:

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Enjoy the interview, and see you on the inside.


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