Monthly Summary (Sept 2019)

5 tactics, 5 strategies, 5 market mondays, 1 framework, 2 goals, and 1 commitment
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams Oct 4, 20194 min read
Monthly Summary (Sept 2019)

Level up your open finance game three times a week. I’m releasing this Free for Everyone until November 1. Get the Bankless program by subscribing below.

Dear Crypto Natives,

We made massive progress in the first month on the program. Here’s the summary.


p.s. shout-out Mike Chan—I complied this to help you get caught up Mike😀

if you’ve been delaying a subscription to Bankless you’re running out of time—limited slots for Early Believers. See details below.

Recap for the month of September and up to October 4


Here’s what you did in the program last month

1 foundational framework:

  1. Learned the Bankless Skill Cube—goals: build your crypto wealth & level up

5 new tactics implemented:

  1. Tax shelter your crypto in an IRA—(taxes)
  2. How to dollar-cost average into crypto—(money)
  3. How to hire a money robot from Set—(invest)
  4. How to record your crypto for taxes—(taxes)
  5. How to open a loan on Maker—(lend)

5 new strategy calibrations:

  1. ETH & BTC are the only crypto money that matter
  2. A Tale of Two Money Systems
  3. ETH the Reserve Asset
  4. The Crypto Barbell Strategy
  5. Bankless Level-Up Guide (with guide)

5 weekly market scans for opportunities:

  1. (Sept 2) Interest is the killer app
  2. (Sept 9) Crypto is more than HOLD
  3. (Sept 16) Knowing More than Wall Street & the VCs
  4. (Sept 23) The deeper reason for going bankless
  5. (Sept 30) The 3.5% Rule

And every week I provided a recap to keep you on track with actions & assignments like:

  1. Open Argent wallet
  2. Send DAI with InstaPay
  3. Enter the no-loss lottery
  4. Insurance quote on Nexus Mutual
  5. Attend DeFi conference virtually

Plus I rolled out 3 resources for Full Subscribers

  • Inner Circle resource to help your level-up at warp speed— complements the program through a community meeting place hosted on Discord.
  • Deals sheet to give you instant ROI—a list of crypto deals continuously updated & only available to Bankless members.
  • Bonus Content to keep you ahead of the curve—like this AMA with a one of the coolest new money protocols in the space.

All that in 30 days. The program I wish I had when starting out. Leveling up yet? 😉


It’s easy to put off subscribing but you’re running out of time. I’ve rolled out a program for Early Believer that gets you:

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Because there are only 500 Early Believer slots

It’s not fair to have thousands of Early Believers. Those contributing earliest to the program deserve greater rewards & status. So the Early Believer deal will only last until one of two things happen:

1) All 500 slots are full


2) November 1st arrives

Whichever comes first. After that the opportunity is gone. If you miss out, you can still subscribe. But never again at 20% off forever—never again as an Early Believer.

Lock in your Early Believer Status (only 500 slots)

No program interruption. 20% off forever. Inner Circle, Deals Sheet, Bonus content. Costs less than a coffee per week. Limited slots available.

Note: You can also pay using ETH, BTC, or USDC.

My hero Anthony stopped procrastinating and finally made the commit yesterday…

And if you had to pick just one newsletter program to commit to….

Pick the one with the obvious ROI like Sean did.

No other program quite like it…people sayin’ Bankless is worth every wei

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Let’s get going!

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