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Memestock Mania Returns?
Published on May 13, 2024
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Memechain Breakdown
  1. 🎩 Degen Chain Stops Producing Blocks. The L3 Base network hasn't produced a block in more than 24 hours.
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  2. 🧑🏻‍🦲 SEC Pushes Back Against Coinbase. Coinbase wants the regulator to clarify what its crypto rules actually are.
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  3. 🐦‍⬛ Falcon Labs Settles with CFTC. The Seychelles-based crypto prime brokerage was fined $1.77 million.
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Memestock Mania Returns

📊 Memestock Pop-Off. GameStop shares soared as much as 126% off their Friday close, the stock’s largest single-day spike since the height of the memestock frenzy in January 2021! Why has GME surged in such dramatic fashion, and what does this development mean for your crypto bags?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.30T ↗ 1.9% ↘ 1.8%
BTC $62,991 ↗ 3.1% ↘ 0.8%
ETH $2,952 ↗ 1.0% ↘ 4.3%
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Going for Gold on Blast Jackpot
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

Blast has kept churning out the engagement initiatives.

The main way the network has courted deposits is through its native yield and its ongoing Blast Points and Blast Gold program. Half of Blast’s upcoming airdrop is going to Points holders, and half to Gold holders. Blast Jackpot is a recently launched game that periodically rewards token and NFT holders on Blast. 

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Nothing Stops this Train

We’re entering a new era. “Nothing Stops this Train,” as Lyn would say. We’ve entered the Era of Fiscal Dominance.

What era is this? Who will be the winners and losers? What about capital controls? How can you prepare? How will Crypto perform? We get into all this and much more in what is a must-listen Fiscal Dominance masterclass.

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