Join Gary Vee Livestream in 30 mins! 🚨

Less than 30 mins out from an epic Bankless Livestream with Gary Vee
Ryan Sean Adams Ryan Sean Adams May 5, 20211 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

🚨 SURPRISE…we’re livestreaming w/ Gary Vee in less in 30 mins! 🤯

He just released an NFT project. On Ethereum.

How do you buy? Ethereum wallet.

How do you pay? With ETH.

Gary Vee onboarding the world to bankless???!!

Maybe we’ll discuss community DAOs too.

This'll be good..

👉 Join the stream here.

Time: 1pm EST
Streaming link: Bankless YouTube

Our regular Wednesday edition will come later today. This is one of the few times I’ll send you two emails in a day. But I think this one’s worth it. 😉

See you there.


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