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Is the Merge Priced In?

Is the Merge Priced In? The Ethereum Proof-of-Stake Merge looms around the corner, but how do the markets feel about it?
Aug 17, 202201:25:36

Inside the episode

Ryan Berckmans and Hal Press have a mutually bullish debate. They're both bullish ETH, but differ on how it's going to play out.

This is our favorite kind of debate.


0:00 Intro

7:00 Hal & Ryan Thesis

18:28 The Merge is Happening

23:30 A Crowded Trade

29:23 Risks and Catalysts

36:10 Structural Significance

41:40 Blockspace Demand

46:40 Real vs Nominal Return

50:30 Miners vs Validators

56:00 Proof of Stake Wins

59:00 Store of Value

1:09:45 The Flippening

1:18:00 Price Predictions


Hal Press

Ryan Berckmans

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