I, NFT adept 🎆

OpenSea’s Seaport migration, Axie Infinity backs creators, goblintown team revealed, & more!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Jun 17, 20222 min read
I, NFT adept 🎆

Dear Bankless Nation,

You’re an on-chain adept. You know the ins and outs, or are beginning to learn the ins and outs, of NFTs and more.

Combine that knowledge with dashes of DeFi know-how, plus some DAO experiences, etc., and what do you get? A 21st-century digital spellcaster of sorts.

Of course, suggesting that we’re magicians is a little bit silly. A little bit romantic. Yet in the NFT ecosystem over the past two years I’ve seen magical things happen time and time again.

Imagine what’s to come, then? Double down into this metaphorical magic early, learn the new paths forward, and stay creative all along the way. For now, have a great weekend and thanks as always for reading.


🛒 NFT News & Platforms

  • OpenSea officially migrated its operations to its newly developed Seaport Protocol:
  • Context released, an NFT minting aggregator website.
  • Immutable introduced Arch, an L1 to L2 bridging system for Ethereum and StarkNet.

🏆 Digital Collectibles

  • Bored Ape 7537, a floor ape rarity-wise, sold for 1,024 ETH as part of a marketing stunt by the Chinese social media company Btok.
  • Bored Town, a CC0 free-to-mint project on the Optimism L2, launched and temporarily brought NFT marketplace Quixotic to a halt last weekend.
  • Nouns Vision, a project centered around building luxury physical Nouns glasses, began its public mint:

🎨 Art

  • Archipelago, a marketplace specialized for Art Blocks pieces and generative art in general, is going live on June 20th.
  • Simon de la Rouviere presented The Room of Infinite Paintings, an on-chain CC0 generative art project:
  • Harm van den Dorpel airdropped a new series, Markov’s Dream: Orbs, to holders of his acclaimed Mutant Garden Seeders series:
  • Starry Night Capital, a cryptoart fund co-managed by two founders of 3AC, consolidated its art NFTs into a new wallet; the move sparked speculation that an OTC deal was being conducted as rumors of 3AC’s insolvency surged this week:

🎮 NFT Gaming

💽 Music

  • Arpeggi Labs created the first open on-chain samples library:

🌐 Virtual Worlds

💎 DeFi x NFTs

  • Stacey Cunningham, the former president of the New York Stock Exchange, joined Uniswap Labs as an advisor (Uniswap V3 handles liquidity positions as NFTs).

Action steps

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William M. Peaster, Senior Writer, has been with Bankless since January 2021. Immersed in Ethereum since 2017, he writes the Metaversal newsletter on the onchain frontier, covering everything from AI projects to crypto games, as the team’s lead NFT analyst. With a background in creative writing, he writes fiction and publishes art on Ethereum in his free time. He lives in Washington.

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