How We Rebuild with Jesse Powell of Kraken Exchange

Jesse Powell, Co-Founder of Kraken Exchange joins us to demonstrate how we can come together as a community to rebuild the open and inspiring crypto industry of our dreams.
Nov 17, 202200:51:2730,941 views

Inside the episode

In order to rebuild we must first learn or relearn (for some of us) the painful lessons of crypto’s past. It’s going to take more than beating the, “not your keys, not your crypto” drum.


0:00 Intro

4:38 Jesse’s Crypto Background

7:34 Relearning Painful Lessons

11:48 How Did We Get Here?

20:09 Things We Have Control Over

31:21 Striking the Right Balance

36:35 Proof of Reserves

43:55 Rebuilding

48:39 Zooming Out

50:35 Closing & Disclaimers


Jesse Powell


Proof of Reserves


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