FTX Mayhem: 1 Year Later
Published on Nov 6, 2023
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UK Wants Stables
  1. 🇬🇧 UK pushes for Stablecoins. UK regulators are pushing forward proposals to bring stablecoins into the "real economy," wen USA?
  2. 🦧 Yuga taking on OpenSea? The BAYC maker is partnering with Magic Eden to build a marketplace that enforces royalties.
  3. 🌝 Simpsons skewer NFTs. The Simpsons turned Bart into an NFT this week, and it honestly feels like a bottom signal. See what NFT projects you can spot!
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Illegal Shorts

📊 Sayonara Shorts. South Korean financial authorities banned short-selling until next June. Korean tech index KOSDAQ posted its largest single-day gain in history, but the move begs the question: is crypto the only free marketplace?

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What Did FTX Teach Us?
Bankless Writer: William Peaster

One year ago, FTX collapsed. The industry lost plenty of money in the following days, but it also lost plenty of trust. 1 year later, what demons have we conquered, and where do we still have work to do?


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The Bull Case for $COIN

This is our first time ever covering a TradFi stock! However, Coinbase is a different beast… it's a behemoth.

Today, we’re bringing on two analysts–independent researcher Jay (0xJaypeg) and Delphi Digital analyst Michael Rinko.

Today’s episode is all about $COIN, the asset. Down from its ATH of $342/share in Nov. 2021 to $85 today—and with a current market cap of $17.8B— are you bullish $COIN? Why or why not?

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