How to Display Cryptoart 🖼️

Your NFTs are beautiful. Share them with the world!
William M. Peaster William M. Peaster Mar 18, 20213 min read
How to Display Cryptoart 🖼️

Dear Bankless Nation,

What are the best ways to display cryptoart?

It’s a great question, and one that NFT newcomers and veterans alike are contending with as we’re all trying to organize and tend to our collections right now.

The good news? We already have a range of great display options to choose from.

Let’s cover what some of these top options are so you can wrap your head around the different ways people are showcasing the wonder of their cryptoart collections!


Displaying Cryptoart in Style

People collect cryptoart to enjoy art, to give patronage to artists, to personally express themselves, and to acquire alternative investments. In all of these regards, displaying and sharing cryptoart factors in.

You can’t routinely savor the aesthetics of an artwork whenever you enter your room if your NFT is just sitting in your wallet instead, right. Or your patronage to an artist would have more reach and influence if you display their NFTs in a high-profile place where many eyes will see it.

Also, you can visibly express yourself with cryptoart collecting just as people cultivate their clothing for fashion. And if you’re investing in cryptoart, then displaying your NFTs is a prime way to support and convey the value of your pieces to others.

Fortunately, no matter what your needs are, you’ve got four main categories to choose from when it comes to showcasing NFTs beautifully. Let’s walk through the top options available to you today below. 👇

NFT showcase sites

NFT showcase websites let you connect your wallet and then curate and organize your cryptoart as you wish. For example, is particularly curatorial, letting its users easily build and share NFT galleries. And then Showtime is taking an interesting social network approach to NFTs in giving creators and collectives an avenue to discuss and enjoy each other’s works.


Digital displays

Digital displays are a great way to bring cryptoart into your day-to-day life. Simpler options like basic digital photo frames let you affordably adorn your living space with your choicest cryptoart. Then there are high-quality digital canvas solutions like Infinite Objects and Meural that can beautifully showcase your NFTs. TV-centric displays, like via the Apple TV system, have also grown increasingly popular among cryptoart collectors since last year.

Metaverse galleries

The days of the internet just being flat pages are numbered, because the reign of the metaverse — or shared virtual spaces — is already unfolding as we speak. Ethereum’s pioneering virtual reality projects are doing a lot to push the early metaverse forward, and they’ve become hotspots for cryptoart galleries accordingly. The gist? Get a parcel, build a virtual gallery, and share your NFTs there with virtual visitors from around the world.

For example, the Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) has one of the most stunning metaverse galleries so far. Check it out sometime to get a sense of the possibilities!

Get a print!

Another cryptoart display possibility is acquiring physical prints of your NFTs so you can hang them up in your house for your enjoyment. There are lots of printing avenues available, so do some research, find what works for you, and get to printing!

Action Steps

  • Connect your wallet to and create your first NFT showcase!
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