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Helium Mobile

Helium Mobile


Helium Mobile is a decentralized, wireless network on Solana offering 5G.

About Helium Mobile

Helium Mobile, part of the Helium Network on Solana, is a decentralized, blockchain-based wireless network that lets individuals and organizations set up and operate wireless networks with token incentives.

Helium Mobile offers high-speed 5G mobile connectivity and supports IoT devices with long-range, low-power communication technology (LoRaWAN). Partnering with T-Mobile, it provides cellular plans and encourages users to create hotspots by sharing their internet bandwidth.

This project shows real-world use for crypto, offering cheaper phone plans, such as an unlimited plan for $20 per month compared to the $157 Americans usually spend. Participants earn rewards through a Proof-of-Coverage system for verifying network coverage.

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